My Great Aunt’s Secret

September 16th, 2014

My great aunt is one of those people who belies her age. She eats a healthy vegetarian diet and stays active at close to eighty years old. She even bakes her own bread and cooks most of her own meals. However, one thing she hasn’t been able to maintain as easily is her incontinence. As on the go as she often is, she never quite knows when the need to use the bathroom might strike, or if she’ll be able to get there on time. A few years go she started wearing incontinence pads. It’s not something she was excited about, but she’s told me she’s glad that it helps her stay active and no one knows they’re there but her. They’re not just her added security; they’re her secret to staying young.

The importance of our resources

September 13th, 2014

The growing concerns of drinkable water elevated at an alarming rate. The filtration for the water systems have declined in the safe consumption for people. Water filtration media plays a huge factor in letting the population know what chemicals are being used to filtrate their drinking water and the safety with it. If the water filtration companies are using certain chemicals that have been linked to certain types of cancer or other devastating illnesses, it is the medias job to inform the public as well as let them know of a safe alternative for the future.

The media plays a major role in our life for education. It is our right as a human race to know exactly what is being used in our water filtration systems to make the water drinkable. If the chemicals are causing more harm than good, it is our right to demand a difference.

The Cheaper Way

September 9th, 2014

Silica sand is the cheaper way to do many things today. For one, this sand is a lot cheaper when it comes to a pool. Regular sand can cost a person anywhere from fifty to two hundred dollars to support a pool. Silica will cost a person around twenty dollars or less to support a pool.

Silica can also be used in a litter box. This saves the cat owner a lot of money, and it also help the home to smell better, too.

Because Silica is so white, it can also be used in construction jobs. These jobs can be sand blasting or even certain paint jobs. Construction jobs can get done in a quicker amount of time, too.

This sand has helped businesses save thousands and thousands of dollars, because this sand makes up for many products.

The Greatest Show On Earth

April 9th, 2014

While sitting at my computer, I kept seeing articles and videos about circus performers. Their way of life seemed so intriguing and mystical. I wanted to know more and I knew I had to be a part of it.

I wasn’t sure how to follow this new found dream of mine. I didn’t know how to approach it, or what kinds of talents I had that could even translate to any kind of performance. I am not an acrobat, I do not own a tiger, and my balance isn’t very good. Is there some kind of circus workshop to teach me the way of the circus? After dwelling on this, my dream was fading.

Suddenly, I stumbled upon the most colorful and entertaining video yet. Clowns were dancing around on my screen. They needed no poise or balance. The seemingly less talent they showed the more talent they actually had. I had found my calling and my new dream. I wanted to be a clown.

The Weight Room

February 8th, 2014

Have you ever found yourself in weight room of the gym thinking: okay, what do I do now? There were probably at least three or four guys staring at themselves in front of the mirror while lifting, about four dangerous looking machines resembling torture devices, and absolutely no one looking about as lost as you feel. If you’re like me, you probably retreated and chose to return to the comfort of the cardio room’s treadmill.

However, after about the third timid visit, I realized that everyone in the weight room had probably felt uncertain at some point. I didn’t need a personal trainer Sheffield, all of the machines had instructions, and I could take charge of my own fitness on my own time. Widening the variety of my workouts changed the pace of my fitness and made it a lot less boring.

Prettier than a Picture

February 1st, 2014

It was my first time leaving the United States, my family and I were headed to London, England. We were making this special trip to London because a family member was getting married. Unfortunately, we were unable to stay with our family during the visit, so we had to find a hotel. I had no idea why to expect from a foreign hotel! After reviewing several uk hotels in London, we found the perfect one! The pictures online did not give it justice compared to seeing it in real life. It had old time charm with marble floors and walls. It was very clean, comfortable, and relaxing. It truly felt like home away from home. The rooms were spacious, which was much needed because we had eight people staying in two rooms for nearly two weeks! Overall, my family and I had a wonderful experience. I would love to visit again!

Planning a Trip to Asia

December 19th, 2013

Last year, I was considering travelling to a few different Asian countries. I went online in search of cheap accommodations and flights. It is amazing how complicated it is to navigate all of the recommendations on the Internet.

Singapore hotels in particular were difficult for me because reviews seemed very polarized. Everyone seemed to either love or hate every place in which I showed interest. I was not certain if the reviews were fake or if the travelers were just really that different.

Once I finally decided on a place to stay and booked my flight, the process of planning my trip became far less stressful. Just choosing a place to stay allowed me to plan my activities out easily. I simply chose things that were in close proximity to my accommodations.

Visit the Edinburgh Festival

December 12th, 2013

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and a city full of history and charm. Many people love to visit in the summer so that they can attend the popular annual Edinburgh Festival, that lasts for over four weeks beginning in August of each year.

The most popular event of the Edinburgh Festival is the Edinburgh Fringe, which is the largest performing arts festival in the world. The different types of performances at the Fringe include theater, comedy, dance and music and many well-known performers partake in the festivities and perform to the crowds.

Millions of tourists visit Edinburgh during the summer and so it is important to look up at Premier Inn hotels in Edinburgh well in advance of planned travel, in order to get a good deal on a nice room.